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Jessica Cabeen Lead with Grace. Leaning into the Soft Skills of Leadership

Why do even great leadership books leave out the soft skills?Probably because soft skills are not flashy. But soft skills are critical to graceful leadership, and you will find the stories and strategies to hone them, inside this book.National Distinguished Principal and leadership advisor Jessica Cabeen understands the soft skills better than most. In Lead with Grace, book 2 in the Lead Forward Series, Jessica shows you how to seamlessly integrate authenticity, empathy, integrity, and the power of vulnerability into your daily work, turning you into someone who truly leads with grace and empowers students, staff, and everyone around you to excel.Using frameworks and strategies, these soft skills can help you nurture relationships, enhance communication, manage boundaries, and provide the grace you need to effectively lean into your work, at school, home, or the office. Leaning into the soft skills of leadership will help you: Find ways to confront negative workplace behaviors. Leverage opportunities that help people interact in healthier ways. Create a workplace culture that supports risk-taking, while amplifying individual voices. Enhance social media interactions to empower all stakeholders. Implement habits that make grace an intentional practice in your personal and work life. Great leaders, teachers, parents, and are typically good at the hard skills: organization, guidelines, and management. Very few, though, are great at the soft skills. And even fewer really understa...

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Jessica Cabeen, Johnson, Sarah Johnson Balance Like a Pirate. Going beyond Work-Life to Ignite Passion and Thrive as an Educator

“I just can’t get it all done.”“I’m crazy busy.” “I never have time to enjoy life.” If you relate to those sentiments, you know that in today’s 24/7, always-on culture, life feels busier than ever before. That hectic pace combined with the constant demands that come with being an educator create the perfect conditions for burnout. But life doesn’t have to be that way. Balance Like a Pirate, a Lead Like a PIRATE Guide, was written by educators for educators with a focus on helping you create a lifestyle that allows you to break free from “shoulds” and “have tos.” Educational leaders Jessica Cabeen, Jessica Johnson, and Sarah Johnson equip you with practical strategies and tools to thrive in every area of life. Balance is a myth, but living with purpose, passion, and priorities is within your reach. “If you have any desire to make an impact in your role as an educator and to do so in a way that is sustainable, you owe it to yourself to read Balance Like a Pirate.” —Adam L. Saenz, PhD, DMin, psychologist and author of The Power of a Teacher “In Balance Like a Pirate, authors Jessica Cabeen, Jessica Johnson, and Sarah Johnson honor our diverse roles . . . . Pause, take a deep breath, and allow yourself to ease into this book to refresh your mind and soul so you can bring your best to every role.” —Jimmy Casas, educator, speaker, and author of Culturize “Jessica Cabeen, Jessica Johnson, and Sarah Johnson give phenomenal insight to navigating the busy demands of the life of an educ...

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Mark Strom Lead with Wisdom. How Wisdom Transforms Good Leaders into Great

A practical guide for leading others with wisdom, integrity, and humanity This book argues that great leadership requires wisdom. Rather than a formulaic managerial approach to leadership, Lead with Wisdom presents the case for leadership based on our shared humanity and the stories that unite us. What emerges is a model of leadership based on learning to read key patterns of human experience: the way language shapes our reality, how we form new meaning through conversation, how relationships determine influence and how we deal with uncertainty. It presents readers with the tools and illustrated examples to implement the four arts of leading wisely: how to draw out and create a new story in the organization, how to find and leverage the brilliance of people, how to speak with promise to restore meaning and hope, and how to show grace in dealing with the most demanding people and circumstances. Offers a leadership approach rooted in our shared humanity and the stories which unite and define us Ideal for corporate leaders, middle managers, administrators, and anyone else with management responsibilities Written by a popular speaker on leadership and the author of Arts of the Wise Leader, with personal CEO experience and a PhD in the history of ideas Structured as one key idea per page or double page spread with funky line drawings supporting the concepts and skills For anyone who wants to lead with wisdom, integrity, and humanity, Lead with Wisdom offers a welcome alternative to traditionally robotic and formulaic leadership strategies.

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D. B. Clark To Lead the Way. A Fantasy Journey Into Leadership Development

Книга "To Lead the Way. A Fantasy Journey Into Leadership Development".

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Jon Byler The Art Of Christian Leadership. Developing Skills to Lead G People

Desmond Atsu Komashie Examination of Headteachers Leadership Skills in Keta, Akatsi North and South Districts. Application Skill Theory

Research Paper (postgraduate) from the year 2017 in the subject Business economics - Business Management, Corporate Governance, grade: A, , course: LEADERSHIP, language: English, abstract: Leadership skills are the vital ingredients to organizational success. However, headteachers may lack the leadership skills required of them for effective school management. Thus, the purpose of this study was to assess the types of leadership skills possessed by headteachers, the extent of each type of leadership skills possessed and the relationship between types of leadership skills and years of managerial level experience, with the types of leadership skills possessed by headteachers in Keta Municipality, Akatsi South, and Akatsi North districts of Ghana, as the context. Survey-correlational design was adopted, using a structured questionnaire to gather data from sample size of two hundred and thirty-seven (237) headteachers. Data was analyzed descriptively through frequencies, percentages, means and standard deviations. Findings showed that the headteachers possessed technical skills, human skills and conceptual skills, respectively. With regard to the extent of each type of skill possessed, 62%, 34% and 4% possessed moderate, high and low technical skills, respectively. Sixty-eight percent (68%), 2% and 30% possessed moderate, low and high human skills, respectively. Also, 59 %, 10% and 31% possessed moderate, low and high conceptual skills, respectively. The study also found a positi...

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M.S. Rao Soft Skills. Your Step by Guide to Overcome Workplace Challenges Excel as A Leader

"There comes a special moment in everyone's life, a moment for which that person was born. That special opportunity, when he seizes it, will fulfill his mission—a mission for which he is uniquely qualified. In that moment he finds greatness. It is his finest hour." — Winston ChurchillThis book blends soft skills, human resources and leadership to fast-track your career to grow as a great leader. It contains case studies, striking stories and anecdotes based on author’s 35 years of diversified leadership experience and wisdom. It helps: Acquire soft skills to lead effectively. Overcome workplace challenges to excel as a leader. Apply leadership tools and techniques to enhance your leadership effectiveness. Augment your leadership brand to leave your leadership legacy. This book is a “short course” on soft skills, talent management and leadership useful for working executives who lead a hectic life. It presents key ideas and insights about soft skills, human resources and leadership acumen on a platter to read in one sitting and practice. It is useful for employees to overcome their workplace challenges. It serves as a quick reference guide for HR professionals, students, learners, and leaders.

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Larry G. Jacobsen Leaning Into The Wind. Memoirs of an Immigrant Prairie Farm Boy

Книга "Leaning Into The Wind. Memoirs of an Immigrant Prairie Farm Boy".

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Hansruedi Zellweger Leadership by Soft Skills

Книга "Leadership by Soft Skills".

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Dinesh Bhugra Leadership in Psychiatry

The psychiatric profession must ensure that its next generation of leaders has the appropriate skills to provide mental health services in the face of globalization and urbanization, new technologies, and competing demands for shrinking resources. Developing leadership skills and leaders is critical in order to optimise the use of resources, their application, service planning and delivery of services for patients and their families. This is the first book on leadership (rather than management skills) to focus on psychiatry and mental health care. Contributions from international experts with clinical and non-clinical backgrounds pull together the theories and practical skills required to be a successful leader. The aim is to guide mental health professionals in general and psychiatrists in particular on how to gain the relevant skills and on how to utilise these skills and training to take on leadership roles in clinical and organisational settings. The book covers the role of the leader and the skills required for leadership, including chapters on communication, decision-making, team development, mentoring, gender issues in leadership, burnout and more. It includes a section on assessment tools and learning material. Essential reading for all those who aspire to lead in psychiatry!

7755.32 РУБ



Andrea Piotrowski Translating Training Into Leadership. The Reasons Psychologists Make Effective Leaders

This book highlights the training in professional psychology programs that prepares students and psychologists to be effective leaders. The scientist-practitioner model promotes proficiency in both clinical and analytical skills that are important in leadership positions, though the translation of these skills into leadership roles is often neglected by psychologists. The first part of the book briefly reviews basic concepts related to management and demonstrates that the foundational and functional competencies acquired in professional psychology programs are readily transferable into these positions. Specific examples of psychological concepts that benefit leadership roles are also discussed. The latter part of the book examines the gaps and limitations of skills in training programs that are important in leadership positions and how concepts related to industrial/organizational psychology could fill these gaps. Two psychologists in leadership roles are profiled to illustrate the benefits of psychology training to leadership positions and ways in which limitations can be successfully addressed. A resource list related to leadership and management skills development is also provided to supplement the competencies already acquired in training.

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Steven Stein J. The EQ Leader. Instilling Passion, Creating Shared Goals, and Building Meaningful Organizations through Emotional Intelligence

A roadmap to success for tomorrows leaders The EQ Leader provides an evidence-based model for exceptional leadership, and a four-pillar roadmap for real-world practice. Data collected from thousands of the worlds best leaders—and their subordinates—reveals the keys to success: authenticity, coaching, insight, and innovation. By incorporating these methods into their everyday workflow, these leaders have propelled their teams to heights great enough to highlight the divide between successful and not-so-successful leadership. This book shows you how to put these key factors to work in your own practice, with clear examples and concrete steps for improving skills and competencies. New data from the authors own research into executive functioning describes the neurological aspects of leadership, and a deep look at the leaders of tomorrow delves into the fundamental differences that set them apart—and fuel their achievement. Leadership is changing, both in look and practice; strictly authoritative approaches are quickly losing ground as todays workers discover the power of collaboration and the importance of interpersonal awareness. This book provides step-by-step guidance for leading from within this space, with evidence-based approaches for success. Lead authentically to inspire and motivate others Support employees needs and nurture development Communicate with purpose, meaning, and vision Foster ingenuity, imagination, and autonomous thinking An organizations success rests on the backs of its leadership. At all levels, true leadership is about much more than management and task distribution—its about commitment, collaboration, nurturing talent, developing skills, fostering relationships, and so much more. The EQ Leader integrates the essential factors of successful leadership into a concrete blueprint for the futures leaders.

1981.58 РУБ



Brian Sutton, Robina Chatham Building a Winning Team. Technical Leadership Capabilities

The development of technical leadership capabilities is often overlooked as a training requirement in organisations but these are key to business success. In this book management experts Brian Sutton and Robina Chatham describe and explain five management techniques to help you develop your leadership capabilities and build a winning team. With real life examples, tips and mini exercises, you'll also boost your soft skills as you steer your team to success.'The book offers excellent advice; based upon solid managerial best practice promoted by top leaders and institutions within the field of management, highlighting how the newly promoted IT Manager might go about the task of turning a group of individuals into a well-functioning team...it should be on every new manager’s purchase wish list.'Anthony Sutcliffe, MSc CCI, MBCS'An easy read, "Building A Winning Team" covers all the important points on how to step into a leadership role — especially if you work in IT. Just because you have strong technical skills, doesn’t mean you know how to lead a group of technical people. This book will show you the way.'Pat Brans, Business and Technology Journalist, Business School Professor and author of 'Master the Moment'

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Marcus Marsden, Sari Marsden Fit To Lead. Transforming Your Leadership with the 5 Pillars of Performance

Frank and forward-thinking, Fit to Lead offers a dynamic new vision of leadership development that places the role of your physical body firmly alongside that of your thoughts and emotions. Written by husband-and-wife team Marcus and Sari Marsden, the book combines the principles of executive coaching and fitness training to provide you with a holistic system for transforming your leadership and producing breakthrough results for yourself and the people you lead.

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David Randall A Guide To High Definition Servant Leadership

Being a Leader comes with certain traits, qualities, requirements and priorities. This book is presented as a study guide for the core basics of Servant Leadership. The biblical values shared are the foundations of a leader offering courage to lead, commitment to lead, flexibility to lead, and teaching to lead. This is an intense study of how servant leadership can be achieved and the role it can have in the mission of spiritual development as perceived by the people who are influenced.

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Derek Lidow Startup Leadership. How Savvy Entrepreneurs Turn Their Ideas Into Successful Enterprises

Anyone can start a business. But only leaders can succeed. Most entrepreneurs know the long odds: only a fraction of them will lead their enterprises through the rocky stages of growth to launch self-sustaining companies. Very few know how to outflank the failures that await them at every turn, including the most painful—being abandoned by key members of their team or getting pushed out by their board just as their business starts to generate real value. Derek Lidow is on a mission to improve these odds and change these outcomes. Throughout his long career—as CEO, innovator, and entrepreneur—he has tested virtually every aspect of launching a business. Lidow now argues that success is far less dependent upon a firm’s idea or any grand strategy than it is upon something more personal: leadership. Emerging companies have specific leadership requirements, stage by fast-moving stage. Few founders have been able to leverage the tremendous power of this underrecognized reality—until now. Startup Leadership demonstrates how founders can adopt the skills that are required at each stage of their journey. Whether you are at the idea stage or managing a more mature enterprise, you can start to recognize the fundamental conflict: how to balance your selfish drives with the more selfless leadership required by the organization at any given time. The book shows you how to achieve this balance by: Assessing your unique motivations, traits, and skills Creating a personal leadership strategy that leverages your strengths and mitigates your weaknesses Mastering how to lead teams, including boards Understanding the five prerequisites for driving change Taking control of your inevitable crises, thereby strengthening your team and your leadership With Lidow’s help, you will learn how to become the startup leader your business needs, and you’ll move forward with your plans with greater confidence and success.

1846.18 РУБ



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Купить. Сорочка женская из шелка "Justin" (3141). Быстрый просмотр. Сорочка женская из шелка "Justin" (3141). 2 690 руб. Купить. ... Сорочка женская "Golden Flower" Mia-Amore 3301. 2 550 руб. Купить.

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Сорочка женская. Артикул: 3724 -кб397. Размер: 44. 46. 450 руб. 0 руб. 450 руб. ... Сорочка женская гладкое крашение, печать. Модель средней длинны на брительках. Характеристики. Доставка. Отзывы. Описание. Характеристики.

Стильные женские домашние рубашки и сорочки из Италии

Женская ночная сорочка не менее популярна, чем пижама для сна. С точки зрения эстетики, это более изящный предмет домашнего гардероба. Дизайнеры включают свою фантазию, создавая легкие и воздушные творения, предназначенные не только радовать свою обладательницу, но и подчеркивать ее чувственность в глазах избранника.

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Сорочка женская шелковая MIA-Amore ARMANI GOLD АРМАНИ Г... 3400 руб. Подробно. К сравнению. Сорочка женская натуральный шелк MIA-MIA Kristy КРИСТИ... 4000 руб. Подробно. К сравнению. ... Сорочка ночная женская MIA-Mella MIRABELLA МИРАБЕЛЛА 2071. 1550 руб. Подробно. К сравнению. Сорочка ночная женская MIA-Amore MIRABELLA МИРАБЕЛЛА 2070. 1550 руб. Подробно.

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Одежда для сна. Каталог предпостельного нижнего женского белья. ... Ночные сорочки, пеньюары, халатики, ночнушки ..... Комплект Livia Corsetti Jessica.

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Женские Трусики-стринги рекомендуются для сохранения комфорта. За счет ... Сорочка на бретелях Indefini FASHION GIRL (АРТ.415378). Купить ...

≡ Халат сатиновый DKaren JESSICA | InSecret.com.ua

Купить Халат сатиновый DKaren JESSICA в интернет-магазине ... К таким моделям можно отнести халат Jessica, который способен изящно подчеркнуть все прелести женского тела. ... Женская ночная сорочка Dkaren Karen.

Livia Corsetti Jessica - Condom Shop

Livia Corsetti Jessica– романтичная сорочка в стиле бэби-долл из ... белье, которое способно подчеркнуть все женские прелести и достоинства. Не зря ...

Купить SB/1010 Сорочка SB/1010. Выгодная цена: 2670 ... - Oxami

Эротические прозрачные сорочки в каталоге интернет-магазина Oxami в Москве. ... Еще. Женская одежда .... Сорочка Jessica с воланами Livia corsetti.

Купить JESSICA Комплект женский Livia Corsetti 892206 Комплект в ...

Чувственный набор (сорочка в стиле бэби-долл и трусики-стринги) из деликатной мягкой эластичной полупрозрачной ткани. Сорочка украшена ...

Женские ночные трикотажные сорочки и рубашки...

Женская одежда. Одежда для дома и отдыха. Костюмы для дома и отдыха. ... Сорочка из полупрозрачной эластичной ткани глубокого синего цвета, декорирована изящным кружевом и чёрными капроновыми рюшами. Лиф корсета на косточках, между чашечек шнуровка, под лифом тонкое чёрное кружево, бретельки регулируются по длине, на спине очаровательный бантик. Сорочка комплектуется трусиками стрингами. Торговая марка: Obsessive (Польша)... 2 640 руб.

Красивые Ночные Сорочки Больших Размеров — Купить Недорого ...

Теплая длинная ночная сорочка женская (ночнушка) большого размера хлопковая с начесом байковая (Украина). Покупка ..... г. Херсон. Jessica DKaren.

Женская рубашка бренда jessica c&a: 160 грн. - Платья, сарафаны ...

Женская одежда Джессика C&A — Линия для молодых женщин и девушек - уверенных в себе и независимых, ценящих свою индивидуальность.

Крутая фирменная рубашка Jessica C&A в полоску,блуза,блузочка ...

Крутая фирменная рубашка Jessica C&A в полоску,блуза,блузочка подарок ремешок. Previous Next. Крутая ... Категория. Женские рубашки, блузки C&a.

Эротика :: Сорочки и бэйби-доллы Сорочка :: Obsessive, Польша ...

Наш магазин доставит купальники и нижнее белье во все города России! В наличии большой выбор моделей нижнего белья и купальников в ...

Ночная сорочка "Клематис" Грандсток, Артикул: 14568077, цена ...

Ночная сорочка "Клематис" - Размер: 46 Размер: 48 Размер: 50 Размер: 52. ... Грандсток Сорочка женская "Жесси" 489 РУБ. Грандсток Кольцо ...

Jessica Simpson Faux-Leather-Panel Drop-Waist Dress - Dresses ...

Jessica Simpson Faux-Leather-Panel Drop-Waist Dress - Dresses - Women ... Рубашка женская льняная косой крой за 2 688 руб. в Красноярске.: Pull,. Open.

Совместные покупки - Краснодар - Сорочка и трусики Jessica ...

Сорочка и трусики Jessica, арт. A8960, цена: 1804р. ... Богемная красотка - классные женские футболки и майки от 180р. Леденцовая фабрика ...

Ночная сорочка женская

Женская шелковая короткая комбинация (ночная сорочка) на тонких бретелях марки Mia-Mia арт.5.. 3590.00 р. В закладки. ... Женская короткая ночная сорочка марки Rosa Selvatica арт.S331с мягким лифом,на тонких регули.. 3290.00 р. В закладки.

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Пижама женская с шортами Sensis Jessica - купить за 792.00 грн. в ... Ночная рубашка женская Sensis Little Star .... Сорочка женская Sensis Never grafit.

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Женский комплект Push-up Orkide (Jessica) 7007, Турция - «Alehan»

Женский комплект Push-up Orkide (Jessica) 7007, 80% полиамид 20% эластан, фото и цена push-up оптом в Москве.

Женские сорочки в Горно-Алтайске: фото, размеры, цены, скидки ...

Каталог женских сорочек с фото, ценами и размерами. Магазины где можно купить ночные сорочки для женщин в ... Сорочка женская "Жесси". 509 руб.

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Купить. Сорочка женская, Laete 55139. Артикул: 55139. Количество ... Короткая женская сорочка из вискозы, Laete 51352-1. Артикул: 51352-1. Количество

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Женские рубашки White Cuff - это женские рубашки с высоким воротником, под запонки. Женская рубашка White Cuff подойдет как для строго костюма, так и под джинсы. Приталенный силуэт – мы выбрали один из наиболее удачных силуэтов, который подходит большинству женщин, и прекрасно подчеркивает фигуру. Такой силуэт позволяет носить женские рубашки White Cuff как на выпуск, так и заправленными в брюки или юбку.

Сорочка ночная женская MIA-MIA JESSICA Джессика - Царство Сна

Главная >; Сорочка ночная женская MIA-Amore JESSICA Джессика 8151. Сорочка ночная женская MIA-Amore JESSICA Джессика 8151. Tap to expand ...

Рубашка Женская Джесси от компании Лика Дресс (Lika Dress), г ...

Рубашка Женская Джесси от 470.00 руб. от компании Лика Дресс (Lika Dress), г. Иваново. Описание и подробные характеристики, цена, фотографии, ...

Коасна сорочка Jessica: 80 грн. - Женская одежда Ивано ... - OLX.ua

80 грн.: Класна жіноча сорочка Jessica, розмір С,дефектів немає,практично нова.

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Купить JESSICA Джессика женская рубашка с плиссированными рукавами ротатора рубашка белая рубашка женская корейская версия сто ...

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В продаже Комплект женский JESSICA SENSIS, Польша. Доступная цена. Доставка в ... Сорочки + ... Стильный комплект ТМ Sensis Jessica. Модель ...

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Сорочка женская Mia-Amore JESSICA (8151), купить в интернет-магазине по цене 2190 рублей с доставкой по Санкт-Петербургу, Москве и России.

Комплект женский Sensis DRES JESSICA - Sweet-kokete

Домашний комплект. Состав 98% хлопок, 8% эластан. Ткань футер - одна из самых деликатных и приятных для тела. Это натуральная ...

Женская одежда Jessica купить в интернет магазине - ЯВитрина

Большой каталог товаров: женская одежда jessica ▽ - сравнение цен в интернет магазинах, описания и ... Сорочка женская Anais Jessica.

Сорочки женские модные, стильные 2018 купить...

Сорочка женская Tillo 3579 оптом. Заказывайте сорочка женская Tillo 3579 оптом из Москвы в магазине «Новый Черкизовский» ✆+7 (917) 569 31 08. Описание: сорочка женская Tillo 3579. Упаковка 10 шт., разного размера XL (50-52), 2XL (52-54), 3XL (54-56), 4XL (56-58), разного цвета. G36.

Jessica cabeen lead with grace leaning into the soft skills of leadership. Короткая сорочка Mia-Amore 8150 "Jessica" - MiaMia.ru

Короткая сорочка Mia-Amore на тонких бретелях полуприлегающего силуэта выполнена из бархата с травленным рисунком. Центр сорочки украшен ...

Купить сорочка + стринги jessica - INStyle63

Купить сорочка + стринги jessica за 3190р. с бесплатной доставкой по России и оплатой ... Определение размера женской коллекции Anais ...

Женские сорочки купить в интернет магазине

Женская одежда для дома154. Быстрый просмотр Костюм Тata NEREIDE 5502 бирюзовый, размер 44 9 800 руб. / шт В корзину. Купить в 1 клик К сравнению. ... Быстрый просмотр Ночная сорочка Celestine AMALIA BD Белая 18 000 руб. / шт В корзину. Купить в 1 клик К сравнению. В избранное В наличии.

Эротичный прозрачный бебидолл с трусиками в комплекте Jessica ...

Тогда дополните свой гардероб сорочкой-бебидолл Jessica, которая ... Платьице нежным облаком окутывает женскую фигуру, мягко оттеняя ее ...

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Найдите на eBay выгодные предложения по запросу Рубашка женская Jessica Simpson молодежные платья. Вы найдете новые и б/у товары в Рубашка ...

Рубашка женская K549 JESSICA - K549 - Корпоративная одежда

Рубашка женская K549 JESSICA - Приталенная женская блузка с длинным рукавом Технология Easy Care Один нагрудный карман Пуговицы в тон ...

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60389-1 Туника женская - SUMMER 2018 M/L ↓. 3970 1 990 руб. Моя корзина. ... Короткая сорочка МиаМиа из натурального шелка с фантазийным принтом. [Подробнее...] 7 260 руб. доставка бесплатно. Ночная сорочка MIA _MIA LILIANNA 3254 (70% натуральный шелк).

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Купить женские комбинации нижнего белья, цены от 320 грн в магазине Clasno. Постоянные ... Эффектная сорочка с кружевными вставками Muriel Livia Corsetti. Livia Corsetti ... Комбинация «Jessica» Livia Corsetti - #1526070.

Пижамы, халаты, сорочки купить в Киеве, Украине - Bilizna.in.ua

Key LND 073 B7 Женская ночная рубашка принты и миксы. KEY Key LND 073 B7 Женская ночная рубашка принты и миксы. Цена товара:400.00 грн

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2340 руб. Сорочка женская 210 Istinto di Opium. 2819 руб. Платье 622 Istinto di Opium. ... Сорочка женская 204 Istinto di Opium. 1570 руб. Топ 102 Istinto di Opium.

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Выбирайте из 130 товаров в категории женская одежда jessica шатель в наличии! ... Футболка женская Jessica Alba ... Сорочка женская Anais Jessica.

Продажи по всему миру красный Женские Туфли SJP by Sarah ...

Продажи по всему миру красный Женские Туфли SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker ... Красивая и обаятельная синий лен 100% Мужская Сорочка Sergio Bellini ...

Женская одежда Jessica в Уфе - 1114 товаров: Выгодные цены.

В категории: Женская одежда Jessica - купить по выгодной цене, ... Сорочка женская Anais Jessica ... Коллекция "Весна-2013" Бренда Jessica (Россия).

Jessica cabeen lead with grace leaning into the soft skills of leadership. Сорочка ночная женская MIA-MIA JESSICA Джессика - Царство Сна

Платье туника MIA-Amore JESSICA Джессика 8155. Размер. S (44 размер), M (46 размер), L (48 размер), XL (50 размер), XXL (52 размер), XS(42).

need this... by Jessica Chavez | Kmeeesssso in 2018 | Платье ...

Messic Womens V-Neck Blouses 3/4 Roll-Up Sleeve Button Down Casual Woven Shirt (XX-Large, Grey) at Amazon Women's Clothing store: ...

Комплект 6 (шорты+футболка) Sensis JESSICA - Happy Woman

Заказать. картинка Пижама с шортами 6 (шорты+футболка) Sensis JESSICA от Интернет магазина « ... Сорочка женская LITTLE DOG Sensis · Комплект ...

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Пышная тюлевая сорочка Anais Jessica, цена 483 грн., купить в Бердянске — Prom.ua (ID#273065306). ... Одежда для сна и дома женская ... Черная прозрачная сорочка Anais Jessica может стать любимой Вашем гардеробе ...

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Вы найдете новые и б/у товары в Рубашка женская Jessica Simpson платья на eBay. Бесплатная доставка избранных товаров. Найдите выгодные ...

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51633 (Сорочка женская - WINTER 2018-2019) (51633). Продажа оптом только ИП и юридическим лицам! Зарегистрируйтесь чтобы увидеть цены и оформить заказ. 51632. 51632 Сорочка женская - WINTER 2018-2019 2XL (52) пудренный 000 (51632). Продажа оптом только ИП и юридическим лицам! Зарегистрируйтесь чтобы увидеть цены и оформить заказ. 51631. 51631 Сорочка женская - WINTER 2018-2019 L (48) пудренный 000 (51631). Продажа оптом только ИП и юридическим лицам!

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Размеры-XL - в интернет магазине Привези колготки. Артикул 15994-17. По Москве доставим уже завтра, по России 5 дней. Прием карт Visa ...

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Женская пижама SENSIS JESSICA, купить с бесплатной доставкой в интернет магазине inside-you.ru, Скидки, акции, подарки. Заказ по тел.: 8 499 341 17 ...

Комплект ANAIS JESSICA сорочка + стринги - Ankorline.ru

Магазин модной женской одежды. Товаров 0 (₽0). Ваша корзина пуста! Категории. ZAPS осень-зима ... Комплект ANAIS JESSICA сорочка + стринги. L ...

Рубашка Женская Джесси 1470 в Комсомольске-на-Амуре Ткань ...

Ткань: Сорочечная + Вискоза. Комсомольск-на-Амуре.

Pin by Jessica on Embroidery | Pinterest | Bordado, Mochilas wayuu ...

Сорочка женская. Сокальска. Схема вышивки крестиком Вышивакнка женская Схема вышивки крестиком. Дизайн машиной вышивки купить в Львове и ...

SENSIS, JESSICA Пижама женская с шортами, Серый | Купить в ...

JESSICA Пижама женская с шортами, Серый купить по выгодной цене в интернет-магазине «Территория уюта». Доставка в любую точку РФ. Гарантия ...

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Потрясающая ночная сорочка из свадебной коллекции. С полноценным бюстгальтером на косточках. На бюстгальтере и талии тонкое, нежное кружево. C мягкой чашечкой на тонком пороллоне, лиф украшен красивой драпировкой и тонким кружевом, сзади застегивается на застежку. Идеально подойдет для свадебной ночи. Состав: 92% полиэстер, 8% эластан. Производитель: Dimanche lingerie.

НС-027 Ночная сорочка (р.46-60) в горошек, кулирка

НС-814 Сорочка женская (р.48-58), ситец. 272 ₽. В корзину. ... НС-006 Ночная сорочка (р.44) Б-З, кулирка. 288 ₽. В корзину.

Ознакомьтесь с моделями новой женской коллекции Intimissimi ...

Бюстгальтер-балконет Jessica Velvet Touch. 2 999,00руб. Больше ... Сорочка из тюля с шелковыми бретелями J'adore. 4 199,00руб. ПРОСМОТР.

Кошелёк женский Jessica 186-14 - ankorline.ru

Кошелёк женский Jennifer Jones 5295 Кошелёк женский Jessica 186-15 · Кошелёк женский Jessica 186-14; Цвет: белый; Цвет: черный; Цвет: хаки; Цвет: ...

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Интернет-магазин «ГЛАМУРиЯ» предлагает купить женские сорочки из натуральных и синтетических тканей по привлекательным ценам. В каталоге представлен широкий модельный ряд ночных рубашек и комбинаций различных фасонов известных во всем мире марок.

Opium Колготки с легким поддерживающим эффектом (Jessica 40d-1)

Opium Колготки с легким поддерживающим эффектом (Jessica 40d-1) ... Назад; Смотреть все товары раздела · Сорочки и пеньюары · Боди- ...

Трусы, бюстгальтеры - купить женское нижнее белье incanto ...

Сорочка женская. 300 ₽. Компания. р-н Комсомольский. 12 часов ... Лиф женский «Jessica Simpson, США. 1 000 ₽. р-н Центральный. 15 часов назад.

итальянские мужские сорочки - Женская обувь в Кыргызстан на ...

... мужские сорочки. Больше всего объявлений по запросу итальянские мужские сорочки, было найдено в категории Женская обувь на lalafo.kg в Кыргызстан. Страница 7. ... Обувь_ Fabiani, Geox, Jessica Simpson в Бишкек 3.

Платье "Jessica " Mia-Mella 8155, домашняя одежда для женщин ...

Все сорочки, туники, платья для дома Mia-Mella (Миа Мелла) ... Отзывы (0) о Платье "Jessica " Mia-Mella. Написать ... Сорочка женская Красная ветка.

Короткая сорочка Mia-Amore 8150 "Jessica" - MiaMia.ru

Короткая сорочка Mia-Amore на тонких бретелях полуприлегающего силуэта выполнена из бархата с травленным рисунком. Центр сорочки украшен ...

Сорочка женская Jessica | Купить одежду для отдыха и дома в ...

Сорочка женская Jessica. Интернет-магазин TOBED реализует одежду для отдыха и дома известных производителей без посредников. Широкий ...

Сорочка из вискозы Jessica (Donna) в интернет-магазине ...

Сорочка из вискозы Jessica (Donna) - в интернет-магазине корсетов и белья CorsetShop.ru Вы можете купить Женские сорочки, пижамы, халаты из ...


Размер - S ML XL. Цвет - черный. Чувственный набор (сорочка в стиле бэби-долл и трусики-стринги) из деликатной мягкой эластичной полупрозрачной ...

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Женские сорочки. Женская сорочка - необходимый любой женщине предмет домашней одежды. В нашем интернет-магазине вы можете купить сорочку, которая подходит в качестве предпостельного белья, а также в качестве домашней одежды. В нашем магизине представлены сорочки самых популярных брендов России, Польши, Туркции, Италии.

Купить сорочку | Купить ночную сорочку

Сорочка женская свободного прямого силуэта Mia-Mia 4214 руб. Сорочка средней длины Mia-Mia 1644 руб. Короткая сорочка Mia-Mia 1472 руб. ... Изысканная женская ночная сорочка Emmi 1425 руб. Превосходная ночная сорочка Emmi 1761 руб. Сорочка полуприлегающего силуэта Lormar 2891 руб.

Rozetka.ua | Пеньюар Anais Jessica Size+ S Черный. Цена, купить ...

Пеньюар Anais Jessica Size+ S Черный – купить на ➦ Rozetka.ua. ☎: (044) ... Сорочка ажурная Anais Indiana Size+ 3XL Черно-красная ... Сексуальный и интригующий пеньюар Jessica не скроет ни единого изгиба женского тела.

Женские футболки и топы Jessica Wright — купить на Яндекс ...

6 нояб. 2018 г. - Женские футболки и топы Jessica Wright — купить по выгодной цене с доставкой. Популярные ... Сорочка Ивановотекстиль. 410 ₽.

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Большой выбор женских ночных сорочек в интернет-магазине WildBerries.ru. Бесплатная доставка и постоянные скидки!Не найдено: жессиJESSICA Халат женскийhttps://konsoleta.ru/jessica-halat-zhenskijПижама женская с брюками Sensis Agnes. Удобный набор ... JESSICA Комплект женский. Увеличить .... В сравнение. Сорочка женская Sensis Kim.

Сорочка ночная женская MIA-MIA JESSICA Джессика - Царство Сна

Платье туника MIA-Amore JESSICA Джессика 8155. Размер. S (44 размер), M (46 размер), L (48 размер), XL (50 размер), XXL (52 размер), XS(42).

Купить женские сорочки и пижамы в Москве

Сорочка ночная женская,модель 424, ситец. Ночная сорочка из превосходного Шуйского ситца с богатой отделкой из натурального шитья. Очень красиво смотрится на фигуре. ... 310 руб. Сорочка ночная женская,модель 424, ситец (46 размер). 310 руб. Сорочка ночная женская,модель 424, ситец (48 размер). 310 руб. Сорочка ночная женская,модель 424, ситец (50 размер). 310 руб. Сорочка ночная женская,модель 424, ситец (52 размер). 310 руб.

Интернет-магазин белорусского трикотажа.

Всего найдено: 60. Сорочка женская MarkFormelle 572333-1. ... Сорочка ночная женская Serge 8080/10. Артикул: 8080/10. 0 отзывов.

Комплект Livia Corsetti JESSICA - Интернет-магазин женского ...

Комплект Livia Corsetti JESSICA Пеньюары, сорочки. Модель: JESSICA Livia Corsetti. Комплект Livia Corsetti JESSICA. В сравнение. Комплект Livia ...

Сорочка (женское бельё) — Википедия

Соро́чка — разновидность женского нательного белья, представляет собой нательную трикотажную сорочку на бретелях, закрывающую бёдра.Не найдено: жессиLIVIA CORSETTI JESSIE комплект женский сорочка+стрингиhttps://sp.38mama.ru/sp/newCatalog/index/id/196507828/Сохраненная копия28 сент. 2018 г. - LIVIA CORSETTI JESSIE комплект женский сорочка+стринги, арт. LIVIA CORSETTI JESSI, цена: 1482р.; РУБРИКАТОР: Эротическое ...

Заказать женские сорочку- Купить сорочку женскую...

На сайте интернет-магазина JESS FRANCE модные женские рубашки и сорочки коллекции 2016 представлены в широком ассортименте. Вы можете купить женскую рубашку и сорочку популярного французского бренда, оставив заявку на нашем сайте.

скидка золотистый Женские Туфли Jessica Simpson 8I1XO7iZ

скидка золотистый Женские Туфли Jessica Simpson 8I1XO7iZ.

Женский сатиновый халат назапах Dkaren JESSICA. Фото. Цены.

Женский сатиновый халат Dkaren JESSICA. Стильные домашние халаты для женщин в интернет-магазине домашней одежды, белья для сна. Купить с ...

Сорочка женская нижняя

Сорочка женская нижняя. Производитель: Свитанок Модель: Свитанок P307272 Наличие: В наличии. Цена: 490 руб. ... Сорочка женская ночная. 520 руб. Купить. Сорочка женская ночная. 690 руб. Купить. Вискозная туника женская. 890 руб. 790 руб. Купить. Туника женская на брителях. 580 руб. Купить. Туника женская.

Коллекция Jessica от Mia-Amore. Красивое женское белье: cорочки ...

Коллекция женского белья Jessica от Mia-Amore из искусственного шелка. ... Сорочки, туника, уютный костюм и роскошный халат-кимоно позволят ...

Maxi dresses ebay royal blue

ZANZEA женские без рукавов с ремешками длинное макси-платье с открытой ... макси плюс размер женский кафтан туника платье ночная сорочка. ... including Beyonce and Jessica Simpson, this dress can also be worn belted and ...

Ночные сорочки

Ночные сорочки. да. СОРОЧКА ЖЕНСКАЯ Артикул: 9989. Артикул. 9989. Цена:0 р. Минимальное кол-во: 1. СОРОЧКА ЖЕНСКАЯ Артикул: 9989. - Размер: 42-54. - Материал: хлопок.

Jessica cabeen lead with grace leaning into the soft skills of leadership. Сорочка ночная женская MIA-MIA JESSICA Джессика - Царство Сна

Главная >; Сорочка ночная женская MIA-Amore JESSICA Джессика 8151. Сорочка ночная женская MIA-Amore JESSICA Джессика 8151. Tap to expand ...

Ночные сорочки Celestine (Селестин) из Германии

Ночная сорочка Celestine _ VIVACE-3 NH 125 см - цвет белый с розовым. Подробно. Каталог / Ночные сорочки. ... Ночная сорочка Celestine _ BRUNELLA-2 NH рукав 1|4 115 см. Подробно. Ночная сорочка Celestine _ CARA MIA-2 BD 95 см - цвет белый.

Разный пристрой для Ж и М - сорочки халаты coemi - Конференции 7я.ру

В ассортимент входят мужская и женская одежда для сна и отдыха: ночные сорочки и пижамы, халаты, гарнитуры, домашние Coemi Вока JESSICA ...

Ночные женские сорочки в интернет-магазине Belweiss...

Женская ночная сорочка, халат "Anna" Италия. Женская ночная сорочка «Allegra» Италия. Женские ночные сорочки, пижамки «Линда». Женские ночные сорочки, пижамки «Мерилин».

Mia Amore интернет-магазин. Белье из натурального и ...

Chanel Fashion SALE · Constancia SALE · Daniella SALE · Darina SALE · Dominika SALE · Ellen SALE · Emma SALE · Emmanuel SALE · Jessica SALE ...

Сорочка и трусики Jessica - нижнего белья

Интернет-магазин женского нижнего белья · [email protected] ... Как заказать · Эротическое белье · Эротические комплекты; Сорочка и трусики Jessica ...

Сорочки для сна женские от 1000 руб. Россия и Турция

Сорочка или ночная рубашка – вид домашней одежды для сна, без которой не обходится ни одна девушка, ведь они придают еще большего очарования! В нашем интернет-магазине Вы можете приобрести ночные сорочки и рубашки из натуральных тканей (вискоза, хлопок), ярких и постельных тонов, длинные и короткие, больших размеров.


14 февр. 2014 г. - LASCIVIOUS - ТРУСЫ JESSICA ИЗ СЕТКИ МЕШ. 5052 р. Женское .... Женские Белье и Одежда для дома LASCIVIOUS (22). Чтобы купить ...

Ночные рубашки и сорочки шелковые, польское качество...

Сорочка женская ночная полуприлегающего силуэта из искусственного шелка. V-образная линия декольте декорирована нежным кружевом по линии груди. Расцветки - пастельных тонов. Дополнительным украшением бретели являются бантик ручной работы со стразами Svaro. ... Сорочка на тонких регулируемых бретелях из шелка-сатина. V-образный вырез декорирован. планкой, либо кружевом на планке с драпировкой по центру лифа.

Купить ночную сорочку - интернет магазин для женщин...

Длинная сорочка из смеси натурального и искусственного шелка цвета чайной розы. Лиф, низ и вырез сбоку украшены нежным кружевом, край ткани вырезан по форме кружева, что придает изделию легкость и воздушность. Материал: 70% натуральный шелк, 25% искусственный шелк, 5% эластан. ПОЧЕМУ ITA.. 4250,0 руб. Сорочка. Длинная сорочка из смеси натурального и искусственного шелка изумрудного цвета.

Ночная сорочка хлопок Cornette Jessica 151/145 - интернет ...

Состав: 50% хлопок, 50% модал. Модная женская сорочка от ТМ Cornette. Сорочка выполнена из высококачественного натурального хлопка c модалом, ...

Модна джинсова сорочка c&a Jessica (C&A), цена - 250 грн ... - Шафа

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Sharon Hill Born to Lead. Awaken Your Purpose

Born to Lead unravels the mysteries of effective leadership. Hill uses her own life to illustrate that we were all born to win, which supports her faith inspired message that we are Born to Lead. She vibrantly pinpoints the principles and thought actions necessary to ignite your pursuit into bold, decisive, and impactful leadership.

1439 РУБ



Dan Quiggle Lead Like Reagan. Strategies to Motivate, Communicate, and Inspire

A first-hand account of Ronald Reagans leadership style, with personal insight and practical application. Lead Like Reagan is a guide to more effective leadership, inspired by the Great Communicator himself. Drawing upon his time serving Ronald Reagan, author Dan Quiggle relates lessons learned first-hand from his front row seat to history. Using Reagan and other prominent business leaders as examples, Quiggle illustrates what leadership looks like at the highest levels, why such leadership is effective, and how it can be successfully emulated. Readers will learn strategies to motivate, communicate, and inspire, forming a unique leadership template with personal application. Sitting at the feet of greatness and personally observing what Ronald Reagan did and said, made an indelible mark on Dans own personal leadership style, shaping his thoughts about the key traits and actions of great leaders. In Lead Like Reagan, readers gain insight into both the personal attributes and leadership traits which are required to lead with vision, excellence, and impact. Practical advice and inspiring vision provide a template to: Assemble the right people to form a successful team Earn loyalty and commitment from others Lead by example to model excellence Manage crises by finding the opportunity in the midst of challenge Leave a lasting legacy of optimism and inspiration Leadership is a process of continual growth and Ronald Reagan provides an inspiring example. Lead Like Reagan is a meaningful and memorable guide to leadership, forging a framework for inspiring greatness and achieving success.

1519.21 РУБ



Laura Osteen Developing Culturally Relevant Leadership Learning. New Directions for Student Leadership, Number 152

The notion of culturally relevant leadership learning builds upon the ideas of developing leader identity and leadership capacity of diverse students. Focusing on four areas of leadership learning: education, training, development, and engagement, this volume presents a model of culturally relevant leadership learning in order to develop all student leaders. It proposes infusing the leadership development process with an understanding of how systemic oppression influences educational contexts and with an engagement in and across cultural differences. Our contexts and differences influence knowledge of self, others, cultural contexts and systems, and ultimately students’ knowledge and enactment of leadership.To this end, culturally relevant leadership development programs equip all students with the knowledge and skills to navigate diverse settings and lead culturally diverse groups and teams. Transforming the framework for how leadership programs are designed will result in contextually relevant leadership development programs and an increase in the breadth and depth of a diverse leadership cadre for our society. The Jossey-Bass quarterly report series New Directions for Student Leadership explores leadership concepts and pedagogical topics of interest to high school and college leadership educators. Issues are grounded in scholarship and feature practical applications and best practices in youth and adult leadership education.

2227.47 РУБ



Sherry Surratt Just Lead!. A No Whining, Complaining, Nonsense Practical Guide for Women Leaders in the Church

Become the effective woman leader God intended you to be Just Lead! provides practical leadership help for women to develop skills to lead themselves and others with the character, confidence and authenticity of a godly woman. The book shows what holds women back and then focuses the skills women need to lead others effectively. Using this hands-on, practical resource will inspire women leaders in the church to use its ideas to gain strength and lead well. Helps women successfully navigate the transitions necessary to lead well in church and ministry settings Offers women a practical guide for breaking the «stained-glass window» and becoming effective leaders Addresses leadership issues such as leading mixed gender teams, earning and giving respect, and navigating through relational landmines Just Lead! challenges women to embrace their identity as leaders and equips them with the skills they need to lead others well.

1648.02 РУБ



Godfrey Masereka School Based Professional Development

School based Professional Development for teachers is an essential component for teaching and learning of pupils in schools. It empowers teachers with teaching and leadership skills, gives them confidence and raises their esteem. Teachers with such features are able to lead new school initiatives and participate in making major decisions that lead to productive changes for the betterment of the pupils and the entire school community. Effective headteachers working with an experienced and effective staff will be able to achieve a number of goals directed towards the school’s vision.

3944 РУБ



Ken Blanchard The Leadership Journey. How to Master the Four Critical Areas of Being a Great Leader

Master the essential skill set of the truly effective leader The Leadership Journey charts a course through four critical areas of being a great leader. Written by Korn Ferry CEO Gary Burnison, this book brings world-renown people and talent development expertise to bear in a discussion about good versus great leadership. Successful leadership at any level is about getting results, but how do the best of the best manage to consistently deliver bigger and better things? This book shares the secret sauce of successful leadership, and provides an actionable framework for discovering—and developing—your own leadership skills and potential. Anyone can have the right hands-on skills, but true leadership finesse lies in the much tougher realm of developing self-awareness to lead yourself first (Look in the Mirror); navigating by a fixed point of personal and organizational purpose (Embody Purpose); journeying with others who want to follow you (Dont Walk Alone); and plotting a course thats beyond the line of sight of what everyone sees (Navigate Beyond the Horizon). By distilling the broad and complex topic of leadership into highly accessible points and discussions, The Leadership Journey is perfect traveling companion for everyone along the leadership path. Effective leaders help people do more—and become more—than even they ever thought possible. This book gives you a practical framework for becoming the kind leader your team needs to succeed. Master the key elements of great leadership Understand why hard skills arent enough Learn how to motivate and lead others Achieve more by helping others inspire and empower themselves Grounded in practical and proven real-world experience, this invaluable guide packs a powerful punch. When it comes to great leadership, reaching your destination requires a precise, well-planned journey that covers all critical ground. The Leadership Journey gives you a clear roadmap with expert direction and world-class advice.

1849.48 РУБ



Barry Polansky The Complete Dentist. Positive Leadership and Communication Skills for Success

The Complete Dentist: Positive Leadership and Communication Skills for Success is a one-of-a-kind guide to starting and running an effective and successful dental practice. Presents tried-and-true ideas and methods for effective communication, blending positive psychology with leadership in dentistry Describes the five elements of success and happiness, offering pathways to a flourishing dental practice Considers the reasons why communication and leadership skills are important for dentists

4608.73 РУБ



Gerald Melton The Skills of Spiritual Leadership. Acquiring and Achieving the Biblical Leadership Principles

The skills of spiritual leadership is designed to help people with mental handicaps and people without them who want to move forward but are being hindered because of various roadblocks, besetting, and hindrances.If you find yourself in a wilderness experience and you cant find your way out, then you need Gods help and spiritual resolve through the skills of spiritual leadership.With the skills of spiritual leadership, you gain discipline in relationships, an approach to spiritual ambiguity, and a biblical and personal walk with God. Team up with God to face your challenges with confidence and success.Overcome your mental and temporal hang-ups with spiritual resolve. As you develop the skills of spiritual leadership, youll find victory at every challenge you face. Attract and acquire and take advantage of opportunities that you never would have known before.God bless as you read and apply the skills of spiritual leadership.Gerald Melton

2139 РУБ



Mike Hawkins Leadership Competencies That Enable Results. A Guide to Coaching Leaders Lead as Coaches

Leadership Competencies That Enable Results explores the essentials of great leadership and establishes the principles that underpin the ability to coach, lead, and achieve high levels of organizational performance. Laying the groundwork for the competencies introduced over the course of the series, this book guides you in building a leadership roadmap for yourself and others to follow on the journey to enabling great results. The SCOPE of Leadership book series teaches the principles of a coaching approach to leadership and how to achieve exceptional results by working through people. You will learn a straightforward framework to guide you in developing, enabling, exhorting, inspiring, managing, and assimilating people. Benefit from the wisdom of many years of leadership, consulting, and executive coaching experience. Discover how to develop the competencies that align consistently with great leadership.

2339 РУБ



Jon Byler The Heart of Christian Leadership. Learning to Lead with the Character Jesus

The "Heart of Christian Leadership" issues a call for Christian Leaders to have the character of Jesus in their lives and ministries. The book is filled with practical ways that leaders can grow in character and looks at motives, truthfulness, forgiveness, leaving well and others.Endorsements.A leader without character has nothing. This most important aspect of leadership--character--is the subject of Jon Byler's book. Byler not only teaches these principles but lives them as well. This book will be a blessing to many.--Dr. Leaderwell Pohsngap, India Jon Byler is a wonderful teacher who is deeply committed to the centrality and preeeminence of Jesus Christ in Christian leadership....his passion is to see healthy local churches led by healthy leaders.--Dr. Malcolm Webber, Executive Director of Strategic Global Assistance Our world needs church leaders who are persons of grace, faith and integrity. In The Heart of Christian Leadership, Jon Byler builds the case in insightful and practical ways.--Dr. Myron Augsburger, author, evangelist and international speaker The application of Biblical truth as illustrated in Jon Byler’s book, The Heart of Christian Leadership, will position a serious reader on a journey of transformation into the likeness of Christ.-Rev. Dr. Richard Howell, General Secretary Evangelical Fellowship of India

964 РУБ



M. Kamin Soft Skills Revolution. A Guide for Connecting with Compassion Trainers, Teams, and Leaders

Soft skills are the cluster of personality traits, social graces, communication, language, personal habits, friendliness, and optimism that characterize relationships with other people. In increasingly competitive environments, soft skills training can be a vital resource. Soft Skills Revolution offers trainers, organizational leaders, and HR professionals a handy guide for building their soft skills through a variety of methods including individualized exercises and activities and structured training programs, as well as informal learning, mentoring, and coaching. The book offers readers information on the background of soft skills development, and suggestions for enhancing soft skills through traditional learning programs as well as informal learning approaches. Soft Skills Revolution contains practical guidance for creating an engaging learning experience that highlights such important concepts as: Components for Clear Communication The Power of Yes Listening and the Language of Acceptance A Nine-Step Model for Problem Solving Interventions for Moving a Team to Results Giving Helpful Feedback Moving from Conflict to Cooperation In addition, The Leaders Connection section is designed for upper level management and facilitators who want to help organizational leaders integrate the books important concepts and skills into their interactions with team and staff members. «Kamins engaging writing style, deep and down to earth at the same time, makes this book an easy learning experience of the hard soft skills we all need to master. By developing these soft skills we can make our world a better place!» —Isabel Rimanoczy, Legacycoach, Director Minervas, Women Changing the World and author of Big Bang Being «Kamin has mastered the challenge of bringing soft skills to life. Her simple definitions, clear examples, references to seminal authors, focused questions, conceptual frameworks, and helpful hints invite and encourage the reader to make these soft skills her/his own.» —Ernie Turner, president, LIM LLC and author of Action Reflection Learning

4985.5 РУБ



Rawley A. Silver Developing Cognitive and Creative Skills Through Art. Programs for Children with Communication Disorders or Leaning Disabilities

Книга "Developing Cognitive and Creative Skills Through Art. Programs for Children with Communication Disorders or Leaning Disabilities".

2289 РУБ



Karen Lawson The Trainers Handbook of Leadership Development. Tools, Techniques, and Activities

The Trainers Handbook of Leadership Development offers facilitators, human resource professionals, and consultants a wide-variety of tools and techniques for developing leadership competencies and characteristics. Drawing on research from such giants in the leadership field as Warren Bennis, Ken Blanchard, James Kouzes, and Barry Posner, the books thought-provoking activities are designed to create real and lasting behavior change. «The Trainers Handbook of Leadership Development features the proven activities and tools that will involve and inspire participants to develop the skills and characteristics that will equip them to lead us into the future. Karen has brought together a powerful collection of tools, competency models, exercises, and training necessary for developing leaders in todays workplace. I recommend this book for anyone who is implementing a leadership development program within their organization. It could easily be used to build the entire program from scratch.»—Louis Carter, CEO, Best Practice Institute «What a gem of a book Karen Lawson has written! Drawing on research by leadership gurus, Karen presents 45 competencies and characteristics critical to leadership excellence. She mines each of these facets for a solid definition and the significance of each. Although many authors shy away from discussing leadership qualities such as authenticity and empathy, Karen deals with them directly. She presents activities that future leaders can use to explore personal leadership qualities. This book is 24kt gold. If you are a leadership development professional, this book is sure to become your gold standard when searching for creative yet practical ways to help develop others into outstanding leaders of the future.»—Elaine Biech, editor, The ASTD Leadership Handbook and author, The Business of Consulting «Developing the complex skills of leadership is critical for personal and organizational success. If you are responsible for helping others build these skills, this book deserves a spot on your bookshelf—or maybe your desk—because you will use it often!»—Kevin Eikenberry, author, Remarkable Leadership: Unleashing Your Leadership Potential One Skill at a Time

5781.43 РУБ



Shalom Saar Saada Leading with Conviction. Mastering the Nine Critical Pillars of Integrated Leadership

Practical advice and tools to help leaders at all levels elevate their skills What can truly set an organization apart? There is only one asset that offers guaranteed differentiation: leadership. Leadership is a deliberate act that requires effort but yields enormous payback. According to the renowned professor Shalom Saar and co-author Michael J. Hargrove, both internationally recognized leadership development consultants, executive coaches and speakers, leadership can be learned and improved through the nine critical competencies explored in this book. Filled with sage advice and engaging examples, as well as multiple mini-assessments, this book presents a programmatic approach to engage and grow leaders at every level and in any type of organization. Outlines the nine core competencies that define exceptional leadership Uses a proven approach to enhance leadership skills that can be applied to any organizational setting Offers a wide array of practical tools for aspiring and experienced leaders Written by Shalom Saar and Michael Hargrove, the cofounders of the Center for Leadership Development, (Saar is also a leading professor at MIT and previously Harvard, as well as other top schools globally) Leading with Conviction offers a wealth of advice to help leaders establish a compelling vision, motivate their workforce, manage change and conflict, and create benchmarks that lead to sustainable success.

1846.18 РУБ



Gabriel Wallace The Leadership Legacy. How To Effectively Lead Today with Tomorrow In Mind

Do you know what it takes to become an effective leader?Leading isn’t about today. It’s about tomorrow! How do you want to be remembered? What will people say at your funeral? Will you be forgotten, or will you leave a legacy that will last beyond your lifetime?You have unique gifts; gifts that are vital to bringing order to the world. Your gifts, tied to your purpose, are trapped within you, waiting to be discovered. And when you find them, you will unveil the arena in which you are destined to lead. Once discovered, you begin creating your legacy.Too many people holding leadership roles have not discovered their arena, therefore they believe leading is being served rather than being of service. This way of thinking stifles growth, diminishes relationships, and undermines the leader’s potential legacy.The Leadership Legacy explores the vital aspects of leadership and uncovers the importance of leading today with tomorrow in mind. Inside, Gabriel Wallace, #1 Best-Selling Author and Certified Leadership Coach reveals tips on how you can:• Lead yourself with skill• Discover the true essence of leadership• Equip, engage, and empower others• Carve your name into the hearts of those you serveWhat are you willing to do to ensure that your legacy lives on for generations to come?

1377 РУБ



Alain Roger Skills Management. New Applications, Questions

Managing skills is at the core of Human Resources Management. Based on previous literature and realized with researchers from Magellan, the Research Center in Management of iaeLyon, Skills Management examines how skills can be analyzed at the individual and collective levels, and investigates the focus on different types of skills – including technical, soft, learning, leadership and emotional skills. The book examines how skills management is applied in various contexts and for various populations, cultures and profiles, with examples ranging from middle managers having to develop organizational skills in a changing environment, to engineers having to develop soft skills beyond their technical skills; from police officers developing emotional skills, to the new skills that are needed when a hospital introduces a new approach to shared leadership. In the concluding chapter, this book also investigates how it is sometimes difficult to focus on skills development when organization needs are focused on flexibility.

12830.03 РУБ



Norman Meier Leadership. How to Build and Lead a Sales Organization

Leaders are not born—they are made.In order to be a real entrepreneur, you will have to lead employees. No matter what your company does, your employees will be a very important part of the company and its image. Besides operating your business, you need an additional set of skills to be successful as an entrepreneur or as a manager. These skills are leadership skills, and they are completely different than the other skills. One of the key components of being able to grow a company is for you to lead your employees effectively. This book is a summary of the author’s twenty years of experience as a team leader, manager, and entrepreneur. It contains valuable lessons and insights to excel with your team and bring it to new heights.How do you become a great sales manager and leader? At the age of twenty-three, Norman Meier became Europe’s number one sales manager in a sales organization with more than eight thousand employees, leading more than a thousand other team leaders behind him. He broke all sales records with his team, and until this day, seventeen years later, his sales record has not been broken. In this book about leadership, he teaches his philosophies and knowledge about how to lead and motivate your employees. He shows how to create a positive and motivating environment for sales people so that they can excel and produce great results. He explains how to hire and train the best people so that the overall team result will improve. He describes the basics about leadi...

1602 РУБ




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